Softest Online Poker Sites

If you think about it, the key to winning at online real money poker is how good or bad your opponents are. The ideal situation is to be up against as many bad players as you can to maximise what’s called your ‘ROI’ (that stands for Return On Investment) whilst avoiding the good players.

So what you really want is to be playing on a soft poker site where there’s plenty of ‘fish’ (a term for bad and/or recreational online poker players). So here at, we’ve bought together our list of the softest poker sites – as you can see they all offer very attractive sign up bonuses which you can earn just for playing poker.

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 888 Poker $700 + $8 Free Visit Review
2 Poker Stars $600 + $20 Free Visit Review
3 Everest Poker 200% bonus up to $2000 Visit Review
4 Bodog Poker 110% bonus up to $1000 Visit Review

Casino Poker Sites

Nowadays many online poker rooms also run online casinos – this is great as it gives you more games to play and try and allows a break from the poker tables now and then. The other fantastic benefit of this is you end up with many casino players trying out the poker room. Now, these guys are almost always what we’d call ‘action junkies’ – that is, they’re driven by the gamble rather than playing well.

So very often they end up on the poker room side of things, pretty much throwing their money around. This makes the big names in online casinos some of the softest poker sites out there. All you need to do is stick to a good quality game and then sit back as you rake in their money.

Making the most out of bad players (fish)

Any time you’re up against a really bad player, make sure you write notes on him (some online poker rooms will also let you ‘color code’ them). This is vital as it means next time you play with them you’ll be aware they’re bad. These types of players are often called ‘calling stations’ as they will rarely fold a hand – so all you need to do is to value bet your hands, milking the bad players for all their chips and money! Don’t bother trying to bluff them or playing ‘proper’ poker as it won’t work against them – just play a solid ‘tight aggressive’ game and watch as all the chips eventually go your way.